sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2014

Day 26

Well, I set my new schedule for this week (okay, one day at time, not the whole week, but for the next week I'll set the whole week at once) after saw the Level Up sessions videos 3 and 4 on youtube and then I started working on subjects on that.

I'm working on the pages and illustration ideas for my new portfolio for comics and I'm also studying the things I suck at.

So, here are my hand studies from yesterday (I falls asleep and forgot to post :P):

I'm using the Vilppu Technique that you start working with cartoon hands(so you learn the gestures, shapes, general masses and forms and then add realism to it with time).

I did this quickly value study as well(from my neighboor house):

And I forgot to post this drawing before, It's a cartoon portrait of Fer, It's was fun and fast to draw cause I love that girl =)

It's not exactly like her, but I like it and every time I look at it, is she who I see.

My schedule says my MIT (most important tasks) of the day are feet studies, keep working on my portfolio and hand studies.

So, see you at night. o/

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