segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2014

Happy New Junior

Well, well, well
Now I have someone helping me with my jorney to improve my english skills, and I'm thinking with myself: Should I call she "teacher"? hmmm, Yeah, of course I'll, but I need to keep in mind how mad she is, a really mad person, most crazy kind of people I know, but I like her anyway. =P

 Well, here're a little of the stuff I've been doing in the last days, I know I broke with my idea of update my blog everyday, but a lot of things happened in the last weeks, and I can't say all them were good things. But past is past and I need to look forward, being the person I want to be, cause with a new year I'll become a new man.
 A lot of crap in there, but I'm happy, cause in each of these crap paitings, I learned something and that's a good thing.
 Some from head, others from photos and so on, Oh, I started practing mass drawing, starting without lines, directly with colors or greystones, and I need to tell that's so funny.

Oh, before I forget it(not the slipknot song): Nanda, you owe me a Banner ;)

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